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The Best Commercial Batteries from Los Angeles County to Orange County

At Battery Power Inc. we offer a variety of top quality commercial batteries in all of our locations: Ontario, Norwalk, Lancaster, and San Fernando Valley. We offer a complete line of heavy duty commercial batteries that are designed to provide a reliable and long service life for your commercial vehicles. We understand demanding commercial equipment requires nothing less than the most powerful and reliable batteries. This is why our commercial products in stock are specially engineered for durability, while meeting high power ratings for heavy-duty engines.

Most of our commercial batteries protect the plates on all four sides to dramatically reduce shorting and extend service life. From new to used, our extensive selection of batteries is carefully chosen to meet the needs of all commercial vehicles. We offer batteries for semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks alike, for a variety of budgets. We also provide fast installation and FREE battery testing for those who visit us! Come to one of our locations now to browse our carefully curated selection of commercial batteries!